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There are several ways you can promote the FLATTEN YOUR ABS E-book on your site or in your e-zine:

1) Write your own book review or endorsement. After you've read the e-book, write your own "book review" or book endorsement ad (in your own words) explaining what you liked about the book and why everyone should get a copy.

2) Use a simple text link. Anywhere that you would put a regular link (like on your links page), simply replace the normal link with your special affiliate link that contains your nickname.

3) Use banners or book cover grahpics. Put banners, FLATTEN YOUR ABS book covers or other graphics on high traffic pages of your website and you can get excellent click through rates. We provide some banners and you can even design your own. Make sure your affiliate link is properly set in the banner HTML code.

4) Run "Sponsor ads" in your e-zine. If you choose, you can simply say that "Firm and Flatten Your Abs" is the "sponsor" of your e-zine and place a "sponsor link" with a short classified in the e-zine. (In other words, the money you earn from selling the e-book covers your publishing expenses and "makes your e-zine possible.")

5) Place short classified ads in your e-zine. A short classified ad in your e-zine is an extremely effective way to make money with this program. The more enticing and curiosity-invoking the ad is, the more people will click through and the more money you'll make. These classified ads can be as long as several paragraphs or as short as a single sentence (if it piques your reader's curiosity well). Write your own or use the sample ads below and place them strategically on your website and in your newsletters or emails.

6) Put an ad in the products section of your website. If you already sell products from your web site, just add a section for the FLATTEN YOUR ABS e-book in your "products for sale" area with an enticing description or summary of the book, then send them off to the website through your affiliate link. If you don't have any products for sale yet, this could be your first. (If you have a website, you might as well be making money from it!)

7) Reprint our "abdominal secrets" interview. Simply place your affiliate ID within all the hoplinks throughout the interview. This interview has achieved extremely high conversion rates for our affiliates. Download the interview here


David Grisaffi, author,
Firm And Flatten Your Abs
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Tacoma, WA 98403