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Firm and Flatten Your Abs Rebrandable PDF's

Easily increase your affiliate commissions by giving away this premium report, "The Stubborn Fat Solution," with YOUR clickbank affiliate ID embedded in all the hyperlinks... Stubborn fat is a HOT TOPIC! Read on to learn how to increase your sales and increase your opt in subscribers with "rebrandable viral pdf marketing!...

Rebrandable PDF instructions: Listed below you will find the PDF reports which you have permission to brand with your own affiliate link and then distribute (You can change all the hyperlinks from to your personal clickbank affiliate hoplink using our branding software which you can download below)

You may use these reports in a variety of different ways, including but not limited to the suggestions listed below. There are two restrictions/conditions for the use of these reports. First, these are free reports, designed for free distribution on the internet and therefore, they may not be sold for any reason at any price (including ebay). The second restriction is that you are NOT permitted to change ANY text or content in the reports whatsoever, except for the destination links, which may be replaced with your affiliate link.

These reports provide you with yet another way to make sales through the Flatten Your Abs/Clickbank affiliate program. When readers click through your affiliate link via the branded PDF, your clickbank cookie will be placed on the visitor's computer and if the visitor purchases the ebook, you will receive commissions for up to 60 days after the original visit (because clickbank's cookies last 60 days).

Another popular use for these PDF reports is for opt-in incentives for your ezines or newsletters. When you give the incentive of offering a free bonus when someone subscribes to your ezine or opt in page, you can usually expect to see an increased subscription rate. ("subscribe to my newsletter and get this PDF special report for free.") Therefore you will not only increase the likelihood of making more affiliate sales, you may also see an increase in your subscriber lists.

Note: Some of the highest increases we have ever seen in ezine opt in subscriptions came from offering PDF reports in conjunction with a pop up or "hover ad."

You may also include these reports as free bonuses with the purchase of other products and you may even place a dollar value on the reports, but the reports may not be sold separately (They must be offered as "free" bonuses).

Instructions You can "brand" the PDF reports with your own clickbank link by using the "viral PDF" software (PDF brander EXE). It will be your responsibility to make sure that your PDFS are correctly branded with your own hoplink before you distribute them. Follow the instructions below to download the PDF report and the PDF brander and then insert your links into the reports:

1. Download the ZIP file, which contains the PDF report and the PDF brander (please note the brander software is an exe file. If you cannot use this format (mac users, etc), please contact customer service for assistance and be sure to include your clickbank affiliate name in your email)

2. open the zip file and extract the PDF report and the PDF brander

3. Open/run the PDF brander (PDFBrand.exe). Once open, the brander will open a window that says, "drag'n'Drop your brandable PDF file into this window."

4. Drag your unbranded PDF report into the window

5. When you are prompted, type your clickbank affiliate name into the form.

6. Click the "brand!" button and your affiliate ID will be embedded into all the hoplinks in the PDF report

7. A dialogue box will open up reminding you to save your changes. Click OK and use the file menu to save your newly branded PDF report. You may change the name of the PDF when you save it, if you choose.

8. Open up your PDF report and double check the links to make sure your clickbank ID was successfully embedded into all the hoplinks

9. You are finished! Your PDF report is ready to distribute. Click on the following links to download your rebranded PDF's


To download the software and save onto your hard drive Right click and 'save target as':

PDF Brander (EXE)

RE-BRANDABLE REPORT #1: The Stubborn Fat Solution

To download the PDF Right click the link below and 'save target as':
To download the cover photos Right click the picture and 'save picture as':

The Stubborn Fat Solution (PDF)

RE-BRANDABLE REPORT #2: Posture And Core Conditioning

To download the PDF Right click the link below and 'save target as':
To download the cover photo Right click the picture and 'save picture as':

Posture And Core Conditioning (PDF)

If you cannot brand the reports with these instructions, please email us for assistance and we will be happy to walk you through it or brand them for you:


2006 Personal Fitness Development
625 North G Street
Tacoma, WA 98403