Let Me Take Your Hand And Help You Quickly Shrink Your Waistline, Lose Belly Fat, Eliminate Low Back Pain And Develop A Stunning Set of Six Pack Abs While Gaining Strength, Muscle Tone And Beach Ready Body From A Real Fitness "Insider"

Read On To Discover The Ab Myths Which Many So Called Experts Have No Idea About...

Dear Friend, My name is David Grisaffi and since 1994, I’ve been an exercise specialist, strength coach and personal trainer, working with all types of people from professional boxers to housewives who want to get rid of cellulite. I’m certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and also by the prestigious Chek Institute as a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist, Health and Lifestyle Coach and Golf Biomechanics Pro. I’m also one of only 37 trainers in the United States to hold all of these credentials.

Now You Can Have Strong, Athletic,
Rock-Hard Abs (No Sit Ups Required!!!)

My system is unique because it doesn’t require hundreds of crunches or expensive equipment, and believe it or not, there’s not a single sit up in any of my workouts. Even more importantly, my program will not only give you the six pack abs you want, it will also give you a powerful, athletic midsection while reducing low back pain and loosening up stiff muscles and joints.

These techniques are not theories; they’ve been scientifically tested and proven in the sports training and rehabilitation world for decades. Although many of these methods have remained closely guarded secrets within the inner circle of elite strength coaches and physical therapists, I’ve now taken the complicated biomechanics, anatomy and physiology of abdominal reduction and translated it into a simple, practical, photo-filled guidebook to developing strong, rock-hard abs… that can be used by anyone!

"David is a dedicated, intelligent sports conditioning professional with a demonstrated ability to obtain results with his clients. He is highly qualified to work with anyone at any level. He has my unqualified recommendation" Charles I. Staley Vice President of Program Development, International Sports Sciences Association

"David has put together a very unique strengthening, conditioning and muscle-developing core program - not just another generic "get six pack abs" abdominal course. This is the first time in a long while that I've seen an abdominal program that's not centered on the usual sit ups and crunches. In fact, there's not a single sit up in the entire course. David included quite a bit of nutrition info in his book too, but in my opinion, the real strong point is the core training information, the unique exercises, and the 7 routines, which progress from beginner up to "athlete" level. - Tom Venuto, Author, Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle

I have been in chiropractic practice, specializing in sports performance for over (34) yrs., (15) in California & the rest in No. Idaho. I have had the honor to have worked with many of the SF 49er football team members for over a period of (13) yrs..Also, celebrity athletes , including Olympic gold metalists, World record holding powerlifters, Champion bodybuilders, and World class martial artists ,as well as Champion marathon competitors. I have selectively used : Firm & Flatten Your Abs:over the last few yrs. with many of these elite athletes with outstanding results. In my professional career , with exposure to the best training programs available, nothing, & I do mean no training program remotely compares to David Grisaffi's " Firm & Flatten Your Abs" course. In my opinion, put all of your other ab training programs in storage, as you will only need David's program in the future. - John L Traviss ,BS,DC,(QME)

Introducing "FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS" A Scientifically-Proven, Gimmick-Free Abdominal Program That Improves Form, Function and Fitness WITHOUT Sit-ups Or Expensive Machines

According to the latest statistics, $518 million dollars a year is made from the sale of exercise equipment through infomercials… and get this: $207 million of that is from abdominal machines alone! If you add the sales of fat burning and ‘stomach slimming’ supplements into the kitty, the total ‘abdominal’ marketplace rises to a staggering $1.2 billion per year! (and I’m not even counting ‘diet programs!’) The last time I surfed through the TV channels, I flipped through TWO infomercials for abdominal machines, and TWO diet programs all running at the same time. There are so many of them, that if you got suckered into every ab training or diet gimmick on the market today, you’d go broke faster than a lightning strike.

These Ads Are Poisoning Your Brain With Dangerous Information!

This problem is so bad today, that my job of educating people has become like digging a trench in the sand with a sewing needle. You see, before I can even begin to teach you the TRUTH about getting muscular abs and losing fat, I have to UN-TEACH all the LIES, MYTHS and RUMORS. This is one of the reasons I created this program, instead of just teaching one on one in my studio. The very first thing I do in FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS is to get all that garbage out of your brain, by revealing the 14 most common AB training myths. But I’m getting ahead of myself

Let Me First Show You What this Program is NOT

Because of all the rampant misinformation even among so-called professional trainers – you should be skeptical about ALL AB training equipment and programs. That’s why I don’t blame you if you’re skeptical about THIS one too. You’ve heard it all and seen it all before, right? Well mark my words, FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS is NOT the same old rehashed crunch, leg raise, AB roller, sit up routines you read about in the muscle and fiction magazines. In fact, it’s nothing like you’ve EVER seen before Let me prove it to you by showing you what my program does NOT contain:


Sit ups, especially when your feet are anchored and you do the exercise rapidly, heavily recruit the hip flexor muscles, making sit ups mediocre at best, and dangerous at worst. The pull on the lumbar spine can aggravate an existing back injury or even create a new one.


These gizmos are pitched as a safe way to ;protect your neck; and improve your form. The irony is that supporting your neck and head ultimately causes the opposite - your neck muscles never get used, so you get weaker and more prone to a painful and debilitating cervical injury.


Every time a new AB contraption comes out, I get bombarded with emails ;This one looks different What about this one David?; The truth is, no AB machine has EVER been proven more effective than exercises you can perform with your own body. AB machines simply do not work your muscles in a functional manner and they do NOTHING to remove fat from your stomach (THAT is achieved through diet and a small dose of cardio).


The crunch is a decent, but totally overused exercise. If crunches are your primary exercise, you're settling for mediocre results. Excessive floor crunching can shorten your abdominal wall, pull your head forward and encourage poor posture. Unless you like the hunchbacked Neanderthal look, you must integrate crunches into a more complete abdominal program.


Forget about starvation and crash diets Flat abs come from proper nutrition as a long-term lifestyle. And remember, nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise like two wheels on a bicycle. If one wheel is flat, the other wheel won't take you anywhere. Although FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS is not a "Diet" it will teach you how to combine exercise with nutrition to get the waistline you've only dreamed of before.


How much money have you flushed down the toilet on these ;miracles in a bottle?' If you're like most people, your tab is well into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The entire concept of taking pills to ;burn fat; is misguided because pills only treat symptoms – they don't remove causes. Without lifestyle changes, even the most powerful fat loss drug on the planet can't help you in the long runEventually, you'll always gain back what you lost, plus interest.

Are You GUILTY Of Wasting Your Time With These Ineffective Approaches?

If so, PLEASE STOP!!! An old Turkish proverb says, "No matter how long you've been traveling down the wrong road, TURN BACK!

Firm And Flatten Your Abs is NO gimmick – it is the scientifically-proven road to results, based on physiologically, biomechanically and medically-correct exercise and lifestyle principles… and doctors agree:

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“I am 45 years and I have been going to fitness clubs for 20 years and always I have tried to understand/learn/improve my abs exercises. I have to say that during these 20 years nobody, I mean all the trainers I met in those clubs were able to provide me with an efficient / healthy routine for my abs that work over time. Most of them worked for a short period of time and ended up with pain in the low back or just barely ripped my abs short lived.

aI took the time to read it very consciously and found that it was written in a very professional way, with a solid technical background.

I decided to do the routines and after 2 months of following the instructions I did manage to increase the strength of my core abs muscles substantially. It was impressive how it improved my strength to do things like lifting a heavy box from the floor,carrying my child on your back, lifting weights in the gym, playing tennis etc etc, all activities/exercises that involve abs muscles of the trunk . At same time with a strict diet I did get a better definition of the famous six packs.

Since then I have continued doing those routines, varying them from time to time as you have plenty of them in the book and my strength has continued to improve and I never had a low back pain.

Marcelo Teti

“I have worked with many personal trainers for many years and of all of them David has been by far the best and most educated. He is well trained, well organized, committed to his profession and a delightful man to know and work with. I highly recommend him and his new eBook based on the great results I have experienced in my over all well being and the improvements made in my level of fitness.” Jackson L. Haverly, M.D.

Okay, David, So What The Heck DOES work???

Now that you know what gimmicks and scams avoid, you’re probably thinking, ;Well, that rules out just about everything what the heck does that leave?; Glad you asked, because FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS is everything that conventional fat loss and abdominal training systems are NOT


Let’s take a quick look at each:

Precision Muscle Testing & Evaluation - The Secret To Designing Safe and Personalized Exercise Programs

The first thing I’ll do is show you a few tests you can use to quickly and easily evaluate your current abdominal strength and condition. If you jump in at the advanced level without building a foundation first, you could be asking for major trouble. If you’ve ever tried Swiss ball or ;core; exercises and felt pain, that’s an indication that your body wasn’t ready for movements that advanced. I’ll teach you exactly where to begin – safely and for maximum effects – and reveal when you are ready to move to the next level.

Targeted Exercises For Every Muscle In Your Core

If you’re doing nothing but crunches or abdominal machines, you’re already plummeting down a slippery slope towards poor posture, muscle dysfunction and injury. Crunches are fine, but when was the last time you did a multifidus exercise? How about one for the transversus abdominus? What about your internal obliques? External Obliques? Spinal erectors? Do you even know where these muscles are located and how they function? Do you do any exercises that help you integrate your arms, legs and core in a coordinated total body movement? Do you understand the difference between spinal flexion and hip flexion? Dynamic and Isometric contractions? If the answer is no, then listen up: Even if you lose the fat, you will still suffer from a weak and distended lower abdominal area unless you strengthen ALL the muscles in your midsection (deep and superficial), collectively known as your ;core.; This is why some people with low body fat still have protruding “pooch bellies.”

"Even After 3 C-sections, I Now Have Definition, I've Lost 40 lbs, The Loose Skin Is Almost Gone And My Stomach Looks Great!"

Six months ago, I was contemplating getting a tummy tuck. After 3- C sections and 2 stomach operations, I had no stomach muscles and couldn’t get rid of my “pouch”. I had tried everything, every exercise for the stomach there was. Nothing worked. At that time, I had purchased “Burn The Fat” by Tom Venuto. After a few e-mails between us, he recommended your exercise program to me. After words of encouragement and motivation from you and Tom, I made a decision. I called the Doctor and canceled my operation. My goal was to stay committed to your exercise program, Tom’s diet plan and to myself. David, its been six months and I have lost 40 pounds, and my stomach looks great! Because of your great core exercises, I now have stomach definition and the loose skin is almost gone! The muscles and strength I now have is amazing. My Doctor is very impressed to say the least. Thirty days into the program I could see and tell things were happening. I have recommended your program to many of my friends and even my personal trainer. They too are amazed at their results. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Best Advice I have ever taken. You have truly helped me change my life.” Becky Dedicated Firm and Flatten Your Abs user

44 Exercises, With Hundreds of Possible Variations So You'll NEVER Be Bored With Your AB Workouts Again!

There are literally HUNDREDS of exercises you can do for your abs and core. I’ve included 44 of them in my program to provide you with enough variety to keep you engaged and interested for a long time, without giving so many that you feel overwhelmed.

7 Levels of Workouts From Rank Beginner to Elite Athlete

You’ll get 7 workouts, each progressively more challenging; you simply jump in at the level based on your current condition. It’s also easy to create additional routines based on the numerous exercises and training principles I teach you.

Strengthen And Injury-Proof Your Lower Back With Scientific Abdominal And Core Conditioning

You may have seen bodybuilders and fitness cover models with ;six pack; abs that looked mighty impressive. However, appearances can be deceiving. ;You’re only as strong as your weakest link; is clichéd but 100% true. Without a foundation of functional strength under the facade of ;pretty; abs, you are vulnerable to muscle strains, disc herniations, Sciatic nerve pain or other injuries that could knock you out of commission for months. My clients, on the other hand, have that incredible washboard-abs look AND the punch-proof stability, functional strength and raw power to back it up.

"I first began doing this program when I was training for my world title fight. I had no idea that working with the core could make my punches sting and I could create more power. Just Do It! It works"

Greg Haugen, 4 times World Champion Boxer

The Secret of Individualized Progression And Scientific Exercise Sequencing

If you’re a beginner or if you have any injuries or physical limitations, you must work though the exercises in the proper sequence to develop muscle control, coordination and stability before moving to the advanced stuff. If you don’t even have the basics mastered, then following a routine you found in a magazine at random could be a disaster waiting to happen. I’d love to be able to work with you in my studio in Tacoma, Washington, and in fact, if you’re local, feel free to call me for information at (253) 383-5370. However, the reality is, I don’t know you personally and I won’t get to meet most of the people who purchase this course online. Since I can’t evaluate you in person – I’ve included guidelines in my program to show you how to test yourself for the proper starting level and to individualize your program. You’ll also know exactly when to make the move up to the next level.

Nutrition Secrets For Maximum Fat Loss And a Slim Waistline

Exercising without the right diet is like bailing water out of a boat with a thimble – it can be done, but it will take an awful long timeand if your ;boat; has a hole in it, you may sink before you ever complete the chore.

Listen: Abdominal exercises do NOT burn fat. A caloric deficit is what burns fat!

That’s why I didn’t stop with just exercise. FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS is not a diet book, but it wouldn’t be complete without nutrition information. You’re kidding yourself if you think AB exercises are all it takes to get the waistline you want You MUST eat properly!

"I have a great deal of respect for the training methods David taught to me. I've had many personal trainers but they all seem to have me lift like a bodybuilder. Being a woman and in a highly competitive sport, the functional training David applied worked fantastic for improvement in all facets of my bowling. His eBook is a great help while I'm on the road too. I have shared David's exercises with many of my clients and they love it."

Jeanne Naccarato, Women's Professional Bowler, Hall of Fame Member

Program Highlights: Here's Just a Small Sample Of What You'll Discover Inside FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS

The FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS e-book is about 180 pages (not counting the extra bonus reports you’ll get), so it’s just the right length to cover everything you need to know about abs, while being short enough so you can read and absorb it quickly. All the fluff has been cut out – it’s densely packed with valuable nuggets of solid gold waist-slimming information!

Here’s a sneak preview:

And believe me when I say this was just a preview! This course is PACKED with unusual, little known facts, all laid out in practical, take-it-with-you to-the-gym-and-use-it -today format! This ain’t the same old stuff you see in the magazines every month…

Plus, it’s a quick read, loaded with pictures and setup in short sections and sound bytes so you don’t have to read some 500 page manual just to get your abs in shape!

“This is the first abdominal program I have used that does not center on floor crunch sit-ups. The program is well rounded and I have even passed it
on to my high school age kid who plays hockey.”

Jeff Casey,
MetLife Financial Planner

"But Will This Program Work For ME?"

By now, you may be thinking that my approach to abdominal training and slimming really sounds compelling You may be starting to imagine how it will feel when nothing on your body jiggles (unless it’s supposed to!), and you’re starting to wonder how others will react when they see what YOU look like with ;washboard; abdominals! You may even be ready to order the program and you want to know how to get started (click here to go ahead and order now)

However, some people may still have lingering doubts about whether this program is right for them. After all, every person is unique and it’s important to be sure this fits YOUR wants, YOUR needs and YOUR goals. So, before you make the commitment to order

You Can Be Certain That This Program Will Work For You If You Fall Into One Or More Of These Categories

If you suffer from low back pain – I’ve helped hundreds of people rehabilitate lower back pain and all my routines are designed to armor-plate your core to protect you against future back problems.

If you are overweight – I will teach you how to reduce your body fat, even if you are large-framed and carrying excess weight. You’ll also learn basic exercises you can do regardless of your body size. Please note: If you’re overweight, Nutrition will be especially important for you, so this program is NOT the one for you if you’re unwilling to make changes to your lifestyle.

If you suffer from ;Pooch Belly; – Do you seem lean in your arms and legs, but your lower abdominal region pokes out? This problem of ;pooch belly; is only partially body fat related – If you have lazy core muscles – particularly your deep abdominal wall, your waist is going to keep on protruding no matter how low your body fat gets. I’ll show you how to fix this problem… diet alone wont do it and neither will crunches.

If you have stubborn fat deposits or cellulite – If you only need to lose 5, 10, 15, or 20 pounds, my program will show you how to drop that weight, even if it’s ;stubborn fat;, ;cellulite; or ;the last 10 pounds; that you’ve never been able to lose before

If you’ve had a C-section or hernia operation – I will show you how to rehabilitate your abdominal region and regain your strength, starting with easy, gentle exercises even if you’ve had surgery or your abdominal muscles have been cut open

If You’re Pre pregnancy, pregnant, or post pregnancy – You will learn how to get in shape before you get pregnant, how to stay in shape during your pregnancy, and how to quickly and easily regain your figure afterwards.

If you’re a total beginner or totally out of shape: The huge flaw with other workout programs is that they ask you to do too much, too soon, or they give advanced exercises to the beginner. This is not only ineffective and will leave you discouraged and frustrated – it’s downright dangerous! If you are completely out of shape, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you start at the right level – level one! Firm And Flatten Your Abs is set up in LEVELS, from beginner to advanced! Any course that doesn’t do it this way can get you injured

If you’re an accomplished athlete – and if you’re already in good shape and you want to get in even better shape, then don’t think this program is too easy – remember, there are levels of progression! One of my specialties is working with pro boxers – some of the most highly conditioned athletes in the world. Jump in at advanced workout level 6 or 7, or improvise your own routines using the 44 exercise menu and you can move up quickly to Olympic-level strength, impressive athletic power and your perfect “fighting weight.”

If you’re a bodybuilder, fitness/figure competitor or model: Training the whole body as a unit and training in a functional manner is important. But I’m not going to knock bodybuilders – some of my best friends and clients are bodybuilders and fitness models. If your goal is strictly cosmetic (you just want to LOOK good and have ;six pack; abs), then I can show you how to do it, but with my program, there’s an added bonus – your abs will also be as strong, stable and real-world functional as they look!

If you’re a golfer – All athletes will see results from this program, but if you’re a golfer, the results will really knock your socks off! You’ll enjoy athletic flexibility that will make your swing ;butter smooth,; boost the distance of your drives, and gain maximum clubhead speed while increasing your accuracy.

“I have found Flatten Your Abs as a sound, solid and practical program. I have used his information to rehabilitate many of my clients. I have also used his core program for many of my golf fitness clients.”

Lee Canton
Farnes Golf Institute
Physical Therapist, MS

Okay David, It Sounds GREAT - What's The Bottom Line How Much Does FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS Cost?

So, how much is this information worth? Well, If you wanted to hire me to train you in person, that would cost you $80 per hour, and you’d usually have to commit to a 20-30 session block in advance.

I’ve been giving serious consideration to making this information ONLY available only on a video or DVD set, and my business partners have told me that the price of this program on video should be at least $97.

If you decided to try and figure this out on your own, you might spend thousands of dollars on books, videos, machines and diet programs only to realize you just became the victim of the latest frauds.

But now, if you order FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABSwhile this e-book package is still available, you won’t pay $80 an hour you won’t pay $97 And you won’t pay hundreds for products that don’t have a snowball in an oven’s chance of working.

Download your copy of FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS today and you can get the entire program in e-book format for only $39.97!!
And best of all

You Can Download The E-Book Right Now And Start Using These Routines Immediately!

Here’s how to get your copy of FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS:

All you have to do is click on the order link below, and you'll be taken to the clickbank secure order page. After you fill out and submit your details, you'll get a confirmation email and be instantly taken to the download page (No physical product is shipped, so you don't have to wait for the snail mail)

The e-book is in Adobe Acrobat ;PDF; format, which is compatible with any computer; PC or MAC. All you need is acrobat reader, which is already installed on most computers (or can be downloaded free). You don't have to go online and ;log in; to read your e-book either, you can just download the e-book right onto your computer's hard drive and then easily read it from your computer screen any time you want.

The e-book is fully printable too, so you can take a hard copy of the photos and instructions to the gym with you. (Some people even get their book bound, or they just stick the pages in a 3 ring binder). You can even upload the e-book into most hand held devices and PDA's!

“This was the easiest program I have ever followed. The routines are great and I have firmed up my waist line in just 2 weeks.”

Shelly Stewart,
Owner Devu Hair Salon


But Wait, There's More! You Also Get These Five Bonuses,
A $139.97 Value - Absolutely FREE, If You Order Today!

Although the information in the 180 page Firm And Flatten Your Abs e-book alone is more than sufficient to give you all the tools you need to transform your midsection into a lean, strong, flat, chiseled block of muscle, I didn’t stop there. If you order today, you’ll also get an entire e-report bonus library including the following titles:

BONUS 1: Eliminate Lower Back Pain ($19.95 Value)

Back pain is a serious issue for thousands of men and women and this report explains both the causes and the solutions to this problem. From poor eating habits, to stress relief, to proper exercise and chiropractic care. This sensational ebook by my personal chiropractor and one of my many mentor's - Dr. Randall William's. He has over 25 years of practical on hands experience with low back pain patients and he reveals the most important of his many secrets in this report. He is a fountain of knowledge with regard to correcting this epidemic though exercise and lifestyle changes.

BONUS 2: David Grisaffi's Walking Guide ($19.95 value)

It may seem too simple to be effective, but walking – with a few unique twists I add in my program – has some amazing health and fitness benefits. If you're a beginner or if you're overweight, walking (combined with the right abdominal exercises and nutrition) might be the ultimate fitness and fat loss program.

BONUS 3: Modern Diet Secrets Revealed ($19.95 value):

Too many "miracle" ab machines and courses lead you to believe that an exercise routine or machine will give you the coveted 6-pack of abs. Your biggest challenge is often how to sort through all the lies in today's confusing health and fitness marketplace. Your quest for truth has just ended. As an exercise specialist, it's hard for me to admit, but the saying "abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym," has a lot of truth to it. Exercise will build the abs, but only diet will reveal them. This report reveals in simple layperson's terms exactly what you must eat in order to see your abs. It also includes sample menus, plus reviews of diets such as Atkins, 48-hour diet, Cabbage soup, Grapefruit, Scarsdale, Weight Watchers and more.

BONUS 4: Yoga Stress Relievers ($19.95 Value):

If you are stressed out and bottled up with muscle tension and if you would like to learn how to easily loosen up and relax while strengthening muscles and increasing your flexibility at the same time, then you will absolutely love the ;Yoga Pressure Relievers; report! You'll discover 14 stress relieving yoga postures, stretches and exercises, complete with nearly two dozen photographs. As an added bonus you will also learn the ancient Chinese mind-body secrets of Tai Chi and Qigong which can fill you with energy and vitality like you have never felt before while soothing you with a wave of peace, calm and relaxation at the same time.

BONUS 5: Stretching And Flexibility Success Secrets ($19.95 Value)

This is a short (18 page) e-book that will dispel common stretching myths and show you how to enhance performance, eliminate back pain, and loosen up tight muscles. This isn't just for athletes: If you sit at a desk all day long, or suffer from neck, shoulder, or back tension, this information is priceless! Complete routines and photos of all 23 stretches.

” I have done the crunches; to keep my Abs fit for years, (200 every morning) but to make a long story short, I have very bad back problems and have gone through a lot of physical therapy. Time and time again, I was reminded on how much I needed to strengthen my core abdominal muscles. Well, let me tell you, David’s programs are the key for me. I was only introduced to his program a little more than a week ago, but what a difference it’s made so far. Please be sure to check his eBook out, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Kris Vaage
Publisher-Recipe Lite Newsletter
email to:

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Order the program and just give these methods a trial run
put them to the test, then YOU be the judge and decide for yourself:

At this point, I know how excited you must be about finally finding an honest-to-God program based on science that really works, but you might STILL be skeptical. Well I STILL don’t blame you. That’s why I want you to try the program with absolutely no risk


Don't Neglect Your Body And Your Health Another Minute! Flatten Your Stomach and Start Losing Body Fat Today!

Look You’ve got a problem you want to solve: You’re unsatisfied with your waistline. You want a flat stomach. You want to FINALLY see your abs. And you know that body fat – especially abdominal fat – is unhealthy and has been linked to over two dozen diseases.

The good news is, you now have the complete solution. Half of that solution is in FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS.The other half is staring back at you in the mirror: That’s right, YOU! Knowledge without action is worthless and wishful thinking gets you nowhere. YOU must take action!

Body fat won’t just go away on its own. Your health won’t improve unless you improve. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Take that first step towards a lean body, a flat stomach and better health and order FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS today.


David Grisaffi


PS. Remember, you get a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee, so at least TRY the program for the 8 week trial period. If it doesn’t work for you or you’re not satisfied in ANY way – just email me and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund! Click here to get started NOW.

NOTE: Once your credit card is authorized on our secure order form, you will be taken to the download page where you can instantly download your eBook along with all your FREE Bonuses. This is an instant download e-book. This product is not available in bookstores. There is no hard copy and no physical product will be shipped

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