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Firm and Flatten Your Abs
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Thank you for your interest in the Flatten Your Abs affiliate program. If you just subscribed to the affiliate newsletter, the first thing you should do is to go check your email to confirm your subscription.

If you haven't subscribed to the Flatten Your Abs affiliate newsletter yet, please take a few seconds to go to the affiliate newsletter subscription page and take a moment to subscribe so you don't miss out on important affiliate promotions and tips. Special promotions are ONLY announced by email through the affiliate newsletter and unless you confirm your subscription, you will not receive any newsletters.

If you're already an affiliate and subscriber, then welcome back! You can use the navigation links on the left hand side of the page to find what you are looking for - book covers, banners, articles, affiliate marketing information and more.

Watch your email over the coming weeks for announcements about additional promotional tools we'll be adding to this affiliate area. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.


David Grisaffi, author,
Firm And Flatten Your Abs
Click Here To Contact Me

PS. It's very important that you read our affiliate agreement before you start to advertise and promote the Flatten Your Abs e-book. The use of spam or any other illegal form of affiliate advertising can result in the termination of your affiliate account by clickbank. Unfortunately, some affiliates have been using illegal forms of advertising without knowing it was illegal because they didn't read our affiliate agreement. But of course, ignorance of the law does not excuse you from the consequences of breaking it

Click Here To View The Affiliate Agreement


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