Read These Testimonials:

"David is a dedicated, intelligent sports conditioning professional with a demonstrated ability to obtain results with his clients. He is highly qualified to work with anyone at any level. He has my unqualified recommendation"

Charles I. Staley
Vice President of Program Development,
International Sports Sciences Association


"I have worked with many personal trainers for many years and of all of them David has been by far the best and most educated. He is well trained, well organized, committed to his profession and a delightful man to know and work with. I highly recommend him and his new eBook based on the great results I have experienced in my over all well being and the improvements made in my level of fitness."

Jackson L. Haverly, MD


"I have a great deal of respect for the training methods David applied to me. I have had many personal trainers but they all seem to have me lift like a bodybuilder. Being a women and in a highly competitive sport the functional training David applied worked fantastic for improvement in all facets of my bowling. His eBook is a great help while I'm on the road. I have given it to many of my clients and they love it."

Jeanne Naccarato,
Women's Professional Bowler,
Hall of Fame Member


"This was the easiest program I have followed. The routines are great and I have firmed up my waist line in just 2 weeks."

Shelly Stewart,
Owner Devu Hair Salon


"This is the first abdominal program I have used that does not center on floor crunch sit-ups. The program is well rounded and I have even passed it 
on to my high school age kid who plays hockey."

Jeff Casey,
MetLife Financial Planner


"I have found Flatten Your Abs as a sound, solid and practical program. I have used his information to rehabilitate many of my clients. I have also used his core program for many of my golf fitness clients."

Lee Canton
Farnes Golf Institute
Physical Therapist, MS


" I have done the crunches” to keep my Abs fit for years, (200 every morning) but to make a long story short, I have very bad back problems and have gone through a lot of physical therapy. Time and time again, I was reminded on how much I needed to strengthen my core abdominal muscles. Well, let me tell you, David’s programs are the key for me. I was only introduced to his program a little more than a week ago, but what a difference it’s made so far. 

Please be sure to check his eBook out, I HIGHLY recommend it. Thanks so much to all of for hanging in there with me, and please do send me your feedback. I really enjoy, and look forward to, corresponding with my readers.

Until next Friday, here’s to a slimmer, healthier you!"

Kris Vaage
Publisher-Recipe Lite Newsletter


"I first began doing this program when I was training for my world title fight. I had no idea that working with the core could make my punches sting and I could create more power. Just Do It! It works"

Greg Haugen, 
4 times World Champion Boxer